Enclosure Cooling

Most cabinets with electronic equipment require enclosure cooling. When the equipment is used in such a confined space it can heat the space to the point where equipment operating temperature is exceeded. Enclosure cooling solves this issue by replacing the warmer air with cooled air, bringing the temperature the equipment is exposed to into an acceptable range.

Enclosure cooling products can use different technologies. The types of cooling products available include air conditioners, thermoelectric coolers, heat exchangers and fans.

Air Conditioners for Enclosures

Enclosure cooler a/c

Air conditioners are one of the primary ways of achieving enclosure cooling to within equipment specifications.

  One of the most utilized ways of cooling enclosed spaces is with air conditioners specifically designed for enclosures. These product come in various enclosure cooling capacities and have a number of different other characteristics — depending on the type. Unit size, mounting style, housing materials and standards met are some of the characteristics that distinguish these products.

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Enclosure Cooling with Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoeectric Enclosure Cooler

Thermoelectric coolers maintain enclosure temperatures within a certain range by applying the Peltier affect with electricity to keep enclosures cool.

  Thermoelectric coolers use a/c or d/c power to transfer heat from inside an enclosure to outside. An effect know as Peltier applies electricity to an electrical junction to transfer heat from one side to the other. Since they do not use a liquid medium to achieve heat transfer, they are applied where application requirements align with not using a liquid or sometimes for other reasons.

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Heat Exchangers for Enclosures

Enclosure Cooling Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are another method of cooling an enclosure.

  There are two general types of heat exchangers used for cooling an enclosure. One is air to air and the other type is air to water. Whether or not an application has a source of cold water available can be a determining factor in choosing which type to use. Seifert has a page with diagrams and information to choosing a heat exchanger here.