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  • Active Device Cooling Technology
  • Tech Tip: When to Use Chillers
  • Cooling Bitcoin Mining Machines
  • Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers

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video thumb Demo of effectiveness of Frore Systems' cooling chips.

Active Device Cooling Technology

A company in Silicon Valley called Frore Systems has created a new cooling technology. It is designed to actively cool processors and other electronic components using what Frore Systems calls AirJet®. Frore Systems claims their active cooling device will enable devices to run 2x faster.1

They call their AirJet Mini device, an "active cooling chip - the first ever solid-state thermal solution. AirJet is silent, thin, light and outperforms fans. AirJet Mini removes 5.25 Watts of heat at a silent 21 dBA noise level, while only consuming a maximum of 1 Watt of power."1 A second device, called AirJet Pro has even more heat removal capability. AirJet Pro removes 10.5 Watts of heat while generating 1,750 Pascals of back pressure, 10x higher than a fan, according to Frore Systems.

The initial market for these solid state devices are laptop computers. By increasing the cooling capacity of a laptop, Frore states that it enables processor manufacturers to increase the speed as much as double as cooling is a substantial limiting factor.

Photo showing Frore Systems chip cooling laptop computer. Credit: Storage Review.





Note: AirJet is a registered trademark of Frore Systems.



Tech Tip: When to Use Chillers

A chiller is a liquid-based cooling system designed to lower the temperature of equipment by removing heat from the system. The recooling of liquids using chillers is one of the basic requirements for smooth and reliable operation in many industrial processes.

When choosing a chiller, the most important thing to consider is the right cooling medium. This can consist of oils, an antifrogen / water mixture, glycols or deionized water. Depending on the selection, the cooling capacity of the chiller must be adapted. This is a subject that is nuanced so that it is often best to discuss your particular application with a chiller manufacturer regarding cooling capacity needed and cooling medium.

Chillers are readily available with cooling capacities from 500 W up to 200 kW. Some manufacturers offer customization to meet individual customer requirements.

Cooling Bitcoin Mining Machines

Climate control of computer systems developed to mine bitcoin and other digital / virtual currencies is needed as these systems can produce a lot of heat and are sometimes located in smaller spaces that do not have enough installed cooling capacity in the environment.